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You can find here free cryptocurrency ICO, Coins and Tokens. Most of the time you need to simply sign-up or do another little tasks to get free cryptocoins/tokens from the developers.

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Imagine that you have, for example, 100 btc and invest in 20-30 projects of various kinds – from mlm to mines, through forex, revshery, hyipas, trading, plants, etc. – everywhere where you can multiply cryptocurrencies.
You are constantly tracking the market and if you have some plugs, you simply invest in another project.

This is how the administration of this program works (detailed reports once a month), and in exchange for providing them with funds for investment – they share with us the daily percentage of return on investment. Small – because at BTC it is 1.2% per day for 120 days, LTC and ETH – 1.4% per day for 99 days – but luckily they often organize “top-ups” of invoices and numerous competitions that are very well received and have a positive impact on greater recognition program. generates income every 6 hours by spreading investments in Mining, Forex/Crypto Trading, Advertisements, Sports Betting and more.

By diversifying the investments, the risk of failure gets minimized to a very insignificant percentage.

So if you considering investing into Crypto Currencies then this is a good opportunity

What do I get for joining?

  • You get a regular daily 1.2 – 1.4%interest on your invested amount for 99 -120 days. (payout 0.3 – 0.35% every 6 hours)
  • a Simple to use system
  • constant reports, communication and updates.
  • exciting promotions. Including Bonus interest periods!
  • various languages to choose from.
  • 3 Levels of referral commissions, Level 1 = 10%, Level 2 = 3% and level 3 = 1%
  • Help and support chat groups.

Difference in the 3 BOTS

Bitcoin Bot

  • Daily Interest 1.2% perday (payout 0.3% every 6hours)
  • min deposit 0.01 BTC (Approx $93 USD or $120 AUD)
  • Investment period 120 days

Ethereum Bot

  • Daily Interest 1.4% perday (payout 0.35% every 6hours)
  • min deposit 0.03 ETH (Approx $20 USD or $26 AUD)
  • Investment period 99 days

LiteCoin Bot

  • Daily Interest 1.4% perday (payout 0.35% every 6hours)
  • min deposit 0.1 LTC (Approx $15 USD or $20 AUD)
  • Investment period 99 days

Based on these differences I think LiteCoin BOT would be the best one for you to get started as you earn the most interest and you can invest a small amount if you are unsure and don’t trust me and the many other users who are currently using it.

How can I start?

Here is where you can get a piece of the earning pie for yourself with ICentre Bots

  1. Ensure you have Telegram Messenger App downloaded on smartphone or Desktop App and if you don’t have Telegram yet, just download it on to your phone and install it (Note, I think links below will take you to telegram and ask for you to download the app, BOT runs on the Telegram App only)
  2. Click on one or all three of the links below from your smartphone or desktop which will take you to the Telegram bots
  3. Now you should be on our main page of your BOT, Just press start and choose your language.
  4. You will get a welcome message and a set of buttons on your screen.
  5. Choose the button “DEPOSIT” and it will provide you with a crypto address for you to send your investment.
  6. Ensure you deposit the minimal amount required depending on which bot you’re on.
    Congratulations you are all set to earn every 6 hours.

Note: you can reinvest any time but the deposit address will need to be refreshed as it changes after every deposit as mentioned on one of my screen shoot

Looks simple doesn’t it?

If you like seeing a youtube clip tutorial have a look at this one that I have found from Crypto Bren

Now lets see how he went with Litecoin LTC BOT after the 99 day investment period

If you missed it from his screen shot he has invested 19 LTC and has a total earning of 86 LTC ( Profit = 67LTC/$13k AUD/$10k USD approx. at current rate ) and didn’t say he had any issues withdrawing

I haven’t reached 99 days yet but my up line has withdrawn LTC after investing also and he also has had no issues so from my opinion its looking good.

Now if you are interested and wanna give it a try as I suggested previously take a look and maybe try the Litecoin BOT and invest the min of 0.1 LTC which is very low risk for you only Approx $15 USD or $20 AUD which is not much.

Final Note:

They do also do bonus interest days as well like they had a double interest day 2.4-2.8% after their maintenance on the bot and they just had a 3% daily interest for them reaching a milestone, are you interested yet???

What is Cryptocurrency AirDrop?

A crypto airdrop is when a CryptoCurrency project distributes free tokens/coins as a reward to the people who perform certain tasks at these project’s request.

These Cryptocurrency projects use an airdrop as a marketing campaign and people like you and me get benefit out of it. To be a recipient of an crypto airdrop often the only requirement is that you sign-up with few details and/or share a word about them on social media.

How much money can I earn from an Airdrop?

It depends..When an ICO does an airdrop we base the estimated value of the token/coins based on ICO price of tokens.

Believe it or not, but with minimum efforts you can earn as much as $200 from just one Airdrop (Polymath did an airdrop now worth $300). Not all Airdrops are as lucrative as worth $200 but it still is a wise choice to apply for all Airdrops.

What’s in it for me?

Well, you can sell the coins that you receive from an airdrop on Cryptocurrency exchanges, for real money.

Yes, you read that right. REAL MONEY!!

How long do Airdrops last?

There is no predetermined time.. Some of them last for weeks or even months, some of them last only a few days.

What do I need to Participate in Airdrops?

  1. An Ethereum Wallet: I suggest using MyEtherWallet to get started immediately.
  2. A Telegram Account ( Usually, these airdrop coins will require you to sign up for their Telegram accounts. Do not leave the Telegram accounts until they airdropped coins or you risk disqualification for the airdrop.
  3. A Twitter Account ( Similar to the reasons behind the Telegram account, many of the airdrop coins will also require you to follow them on Twitter.
  4. An email address. sometimes airdrops will ask for your email, too. If you don’t feel comfortable with giving them your real email, just create a new one.

Where do I sell my crypto tokens/coins received from Airdrop?

Many coins that do airdrops are PRE-ICO or just finished their ICO. This often means it is not available for trading yet on the bigger exchanges. Once they hit good exchanges you can either sell them on crypto exchanges or hold them for longer in anticipation of hike in coin’s value, to gain more money.

Different coins may hit different exchanges. There are several different Crypto-Exchanges so, we suggest you make an account at exchanges when You know which one is hitting your crypto token.

However, here is a short list of TOP exchanges You may want to join:

How do I check token balance?

Step 1: Open this site

Step 2: Input your wallet address in search box.

Step 3: Hit enter to view token balance.

How do I keep my crypto currency safe?

  • Never give your private keys.
  • Use 2 Factor Authenticator on your wallets. (Download Authy App on phone)
  • Never click on links redirecting to your crypto wallets.
  • Don’t use your main email address to apply for airdrops.
  • Don’t re-use your passwords when you register on a website.

How long should I wait for my coins?

Usually, it takes about 1-2 months after the end of the airdrop before you receive your tokens. This is primarily due to the fact that many airdrops occur before or during token sales, in conjunction to spread awareness. And tokens are not distributable until the end of a token sale anyway.

To check your wallet info and see if the token has appeared in your wallet yet, just go to Etherscan ( Type in your ETH address into the search box.

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